The Government has brought forward the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2035 to 2030. Despite the pandemic and new car registrations falling to their lowest in nearly 30 years in 2020, electric vehicles (EVs) grew significantly. According to new figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), UK EV registrations were up 185% in 2020. As buyers transition to electric, businesses need to start thinking about how they can support EV charging.

Who are Clarke EV?

Clarke EV are here to help build EV infrastructure with tailored EV charging solutions for workplaces, fleets, destinations, and property and land developers. We put you – and your requirements – in the driving seat to make sure that your EV charging solution is suitable for your needs. With our experience, expertise, and our independent approach to which technology products and solution suits you best, we can help prepare you for the EV revolution.

Who needs EV charging?


Employers across the country are starting to offer EV charging access in workplace car parks, which will be the most-likely place an electrical vehicle will spend time parked away from home. The power to charge at work can potentially double an EV driver’s all-electric daily commuting range. For people with no off-street parking the power to charge at work can make driving an electrical vehicle a viable option. Ultimately, as people buy more EVs workplaces need to adapt and be ready to support their charging needs.


Apart from trying to save our planet, there are a number of big advantages for your fleet going EV. These include boosting your green credentials, cutting fleet running costs, taking advantage of available EV grants, reduced Class 1a NI contributions on EV company car benefits, no road tax, reduced servicing costs, reduced BIK rates, and clean air zone exemptions.

Car Parks And Destinations

At the moment it’s hard to avoid news stories about the rapidly-growing electric car market. A critical issue with enabling the mass adoption of electrical vehicles is the availability of charging points. An EV owner will look favourably on retailers, hotels, and any public business that has charging facilities. Businesses have prepare to meet customers’ needs. It’s also worth asking yourself if offering charging facilities could be advantageous, e.g. increasing time in a shop or café could increase sales.

Land And Property Developers

Ensure your developments are EV ready, as in the next few years residents and tenants will increasingly demand EV charging. By considering EV infrastructure within the early stages, when utilities like electricity, gas and water are planned, means the groundwork only has to be done once. And, as demand grows, we will be able to assist you in easily extending the prevailing infrastructure.

How does it work?

Install Only

If you’ve already selected your charge point product, Clarke EV have the technical skills and expertise for the installation. With a highly-trained, dedicated install team, we have the ability to design your install, assess the power capacity, undertake any civils works required, and install and commission your charge point. All of our installers are qualified EV electricians who are trained to award-winning safety standards and who consistently adopt a right first-time ethos. As a Clarke EV customer, we want you to be delighted with your install.

Supply And Install

With our experience and knowledge of the EV industry, Clarke EV can assist you with the supply and install of your EV charging solution. We start with your requirements and selecting which EV technology products to use. We are independent so we aren’t restricted by any supplier. We select the best charge point to suit your needs. Once the selection has been made, we will then undertake the planning, power assessment, civils – if required, and the install and commissioning.

Full Turnkey Solution

Clarke EV can also offer a full turnkey solution, from selecting the right charge point to maintaining your points. This end-to-end service provides peace of mind and assurance that the correct solution is delivered by us and every one of your charge points is being maintained and monitored. You can be confident that we are always there to support you, answer any queries, and make sure that your EV solution consistently works – and can be adapted as your EV needs grow.

What are the benefits of an EV charging solution?

Generate Or Save Money

Understanding your needs will allow us to shape the right solution for you. Leveraging our market-leading management systems we are ready to monetise your charge points and open up new revenue streams for you. Or, if you have company cars or a fleet there are many savings and incentives to moving to vehicles electric.

It’s An Employee Or Customer Perk

Cars can be parked in car parks for a few hours at a destination or long hours during the day at workplaces. This provides the opportunity to charge. Customers and employees will have the reassurance that they can plug in their electric vehicle – a welcome perk – and the availability of charge points will encourage extra custom or increased uptake of company electrical cars.

Increase Footfall

Businesses can increase the attractiveness of their car parks or destination through the supply of EV charge points. This may drive more visitors to your destination and promote regular return visits from EV drivers who can shop and charge.

Future Proof Your Business

Your business needs to be EV ready. With the latest figures already showing a sharp uptake of electric vehicles, there will be increasing demand for EV charging. By considering EV charging infrastructure in the early stages, you can be ready with the installation of charge points already in place as electric vehicles become commonplace. And, as demand grows, we can assist you to easily grow the existing infrastructure.

Is there funding available?

Yes. The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, previously OLEV, want to ensure that destinations across the UK can offer EV charging and offer incentives to help reduce some of the costs of installing charging infrastructure. There are two types of grants: Home Charge Grant, and the Workplace Charging Grant.

The Home Charge OZEV Grant

To qualify for the Home Charge Grant you must have the following:

• Off-street parking (eg a driveway or a garage)
• Your charger must be smart technology
• Your charger must be installed by an OZEV-approved installer
• A plug-in vehicle below 75g/km

Only one grant can be claimed per charger and up to two per household.

The Workplace OZEV Scheme

The Workplace Scheme or WCS offers a grant per charger to be used for the cost of purchase and installation. The grant can be claimed for a maximum of 40 charge points across your business.

To qualify you must have the following:

• Dedicated off-street parking for staff and/or fleets
• Your charger must be installed by an OZEV-approved workplace installer
• No proof of EV is required but need to state the business need to encourage EV update among staff / fleet

You must also own the property or have consent from the landlord for the EV installation.

Do Clarke EV offer consultations?

Give us a call on 0800 170 0276 or request a call back and we can have a chat about your EV charging needs.

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