Small destination businesses must be highly resourceful. With the number of people switching to electric vehicles (EVs), small businesses need to prepare their premises for accommodating them.

Although destination businesses are highly regarded among customers, installing the latest technologies can give them an extra boost. By installing charge points for electric vehicles, they can improve relations with their customers and further increase their popularity.

After all, retail destination charging is also becoming more popular. So, why not take the opportunity to attract more customers for your smaller destination business? It’s time to embrace the electric vehicle revolution.

If you’re still uncertain about whether you’ll implement charge points for your small destination business, consider some of the topics below.

Recognising Branding Potential

Whether they’re regarded as destinations or not, small businesses are dependent on creative marketing strategies. The more creative you are in your own efforts, the stronger the likelihood that you’ll be remembered by your target audience.

As your installer, we can provide branded charge points that feature your logo and corporate colour schemes. A consistent company identity is essential, so establishing that wherever possible illustrates that your firm pays close attention to detail and maintains its messaging. Whether your brand identity is loud and proud or subtle and subliminal, your charge points can communicate it all effectively.

Some ne’er-do-wells may presume that they have free rein to do as they please on your car park once they are outside of your building.

Therefore, it may also be a good idea to reinforce the idea that the area is still your premises, and your EV chargers may be able to communicate that effectively when accompanied by security cameras.

Utilising Constant Support

We don’t present you with EV charging solutions and then disappear into obscurity. Instead, a positive business relationship can be carefully managed for as long as you’re comfortable.

Of course, the one great fear with technology is that it can break down eventually. In answer to this, we provide dedicated maintenance services on our destination charge points, scheduling and managing repairs, warranty inspections, and more. Your small business will never be indisposed for long, ensuring a smoothly running operation.

Additionally, we also readily answer all questions about car parks and destination charging that you may have. Change in any business is enough to evoke feelings of caution, but under our guidance, many of your fears should fade soon enough.

Fulfilling Public Expectations

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding of the businesses they work with. They want to see that they’re eco-friendly, participate in fair trade, and treat their workers with the utmost respect at a minimum.

The world is far less forgiving of any errors of judgment these days. However, destination charging points can represent the upstanding character of your business and how you’re working hard to join the rest of the world in making it a better place. Any company can claim to be proactive in their marketing materials, but your charge points can prove your firm’s commitment to them offering this service and facilitating cleaner, greener transport.

EVs used to be an outlying mode of transport. However, in recent years they have become more mainstream. Consequently, EV charging points are no longer a nifty perk of a business but an essential service. Your commercial premises wouldn’t forego facilities such as restrooms, – the same level of importance should be placed upon your destination charge points.

Nurturing Important Relationships

It’s not just about customers either. What if an important client, inspector, or business partner should visit your firm in their EV?

Installing destination charging points can ensure that any critical visitor is suitably looked after. It demonstrates that you anticipate the needs of everybody and that you’re in tune with the world. These virtues can facilitate your business relationships positively, as you’ll appear more competent, proactive, and knowledgeable.

People expect small businesses to struggle in some capacity due to their size and stature. However, if a small business can accommodate people’s needs with innovative technologies, their efforts may be perceived as being doubly impressive. Charge points for your smaller destination business may not just be a quirky tool for your premises but a sign of your firm’s potential and how far it may go.

Creating Further Opportunities

Small businesses can often feel powerless, subject to challenging circumstances and harsh limitations. Many of them collapse entirely or struggle to break free of their constraints.

Destination charging could feasibly turn everything around. For instance, as customers charge their EV on your premises, they may be more inclined to browse your goods for a more extended period as they wait, potentially making purchases more likely. They may also appreciate the charging facilities you provide after an extensive and draining journey in their EV.

Moreover, we can provide you with comprehensive charge point data. You can review how often people use your charge points and how long they use them for, all with the information we happily disclose to you.

Additionally, you can also control the expenditure of your destination charge points, setting the tariffs to meet the needs of your company. Ultimately, your destination charge points aren’t just admin – they’re a versatile business opportunity.

Embracing Growth Potential

All of the points mentioned so far should all invariably cause your business to expand one day, if that’s what you want. In that scenario, your needs for destination charging should rapidly evolve as well.

Take solace in the fact there’s room to grow here. At Clarke EV, we also provide electric fleet and commercial vehicle charging for UK businesses. We can take you through all the variables that may influence your fleet charging needs, detailing the types of vehicles, charging ports, and grants you should implement.

Should you open a series of other premises in time, you’ll also have the confidence that you already have solutions in place when it comes to destination charging for small organisations. We’re a UK-wide business, which means you don’t need to frantically rush around to find a replacement service should you expand the reach of your small destination business in the future. Ultimately, we’re in it for the long haul.

If you need destination EV chargers for your small business or have any additional questions, contact us here for further information or call 0800 170 0276.


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