Significant investment boosts for British manufacturing announced over the previous few of months is filling people with confidence about Britain’s automotive future.

Nissan announced in July they’re going to be continuing to take a position within the North East manufacturing for their next electric vehicles. On the back of this it’s recently been announced that China’s Envision AESC will build a Gigafactory battery cell plant next to the Sunderland facility.

This has been followed by the announcement that Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant would continue into the electrical era, making Stellantis battery vans both for the UK and for export to Europe.

Then came reports that Amazon backed EV start-up firm Rivian is considering a production site near Bristol, fuelling hope that the UK can still supply its biggest export market, Europe, with relevant vehicles into the electrical age.

This week it’s been announced Ford are within weeks of making a choice on a considerable investment to modify its Halewood plant in Merseyside to create electric transmissions.

Nissan and Envision AESC Investment

Nissan has announced in July a serious expansion of electrical vehicle production at its car plant in Sunderland which can create 1,650 new jobs.

The Japanese carmaker will build its new-generation all-electric model at the location as a part of a £1bn investment which will also support thousands of jobs within the supply chain.

And Nissan’s partner, Envision AESC, has confirmed it’ll build an electrical battery plant.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a “pivotal moment”.

Of the £1bn investment, Nissan said it might invest up to £423m to supply a new-generation all-electric vehicle within the UK, building on the success of its existing electric car, the Leaf.

Production of the new model will create 909 new jobs and 4,500 in its UK supply chain.

Other production locations haven’t yet been confirmed. More details about the new vehicle are going to be released closer to the car’s launch date.

Envision’s new Gigafactory will eventually provide batteries to power up to 100,000 Nissan electric vehicles a year. It’ll create 750 new jobs and secure 300 existing roles.

It is hoped the new plant will operational in time for 2024, when the level of UK-made components in cars manufactured in the UK is required to start increasing, in line with the terms of the UK’s trade deal with the EU. 

Vauxhall Investment

Vauxhall owner Stellantis has announced that it’ll invest £100m to create electric cars and vans at Ellesmere Port, in Cheshire, during a move which will make it their primary plant within the UK dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles.

It will build four electric vans and their passenger car equivalents at the UK factory under Stellantis’s Vauxhall, Opel, Peugeot and Citroën brands.

The decision, backed by a reported £30m in taxpayer subsidies, will secure the roles of 1,000 workers at Ellesmere Port and an estimated 3,000 within the supply chain.

Rivian Investment

Boris Johnson has urged Jeff Bezos, the Amazon chairman, to use his influence over an electrical vehicle (EV) company backed by the technology behemoth to create a large new factory within the UK.

Executives from the EV manufacturer, which is in the process of pursuing a US stock exchange listing, visited the UK earlier this month to continue their evaluation of a site near Bristol.

Whitehall sources say the government is hoping to influence Rivian to create its new factory within the UK, arguing that it will send a hugely significant message about the long-term future of the country’s automotive industry.

Ford Investment

Sky News cited comments from industry sources that Ford was in talks with officials at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) yesterday (23 September) about the proposals to create a replacement eTrans system at Halewood in Merseyside.

Ford investment in Halewood ramping up for EVs would be regarded as a feather in the cap for the UK’s Road to Zero ambitions, especially on the back of the aforementioned OEM commitments and discussions about further EV production in the UK.

At Clarke EV we are excited to see further investments in UK manufacturing. Let’s hope the government put as much effort into investment in EV charging infrastructure. If you are planning your EV charging solution then please reach out and we can help you on your EV journey.

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