When you’re searching for an electric vehicle charging provider, you’ll probably notice plenty of terms that you’ve not seen before.

One common term is ICP, or ICP approved. This accreditation is an important one, but you might not know what it stands for or what it means for you when hiring a charging point provider.

As Clarke are ICP accredited, the team here at Clarke EV not only understand the term but also know what it means for you as a business owner and potential electric vehicle fleet manager.

Keep reading, and we’ll explain what an ICP is and why it’s important that you hire an accredited ICP when looking for electric vehicle charging points for your company.

What Does ICP Stand For?

ICP stands for Independent Connection Provider and is a term that refers to a business that carries out work on behalf of its clients that relates to the UK’s electrical network.

As these networks are owned by a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or, in some cases, by an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), the ICP doesn’t own the electrical network it works on, nor does it necessarily have any affiliation with the owner of the network.

However, the ICP is authorised to work on the network and help its clients to connect hardware to it so that they can connect their equipment to the electricity supply.

One example of an ICP is Clarke and our work on behalf of our clients to help them connect our EV charging solutions to their electricity supply.

As Clarke are accredited as an ICP, we can help you to connect your EV charging units to your power supply and assist with any maintenance to your kit safely and efficiently.

When you’re hiring a company to connect equipment to your main electrical supply, they need to either be an accredited ICP or they need to work for your supplier.

Unauthorised companies and unskilled workers could cause a potentially life-threatening accident, so it’s crucial that you choose the right company to carry out any electrical connectivity work.

What Types Of Companies Are ICPs?

ICPs are companies from across the electrical services market.

All ICPs can carry out Contestable Works on the electrical grid, typically up to a specific voltage, meaning that they can assist with everything from excavation and installation of cables to cable jointing and network connections.

ICPs are not normally authorised to undertake any Non Contestable Works, an example of which would be reinforcement of the existing equipment that’s owned by the network operator. These tasks can only be completed by the electrical network operator that owns the equipment.

As such, ICPs are companies with qualified electrical experts who can work on your electrical installation project.

Why You Should Look Out For ICPs

If you’re looking for a provider of electrical installation and maintenance services, then you might be wondering whether an ICP is worth working with or if you’re better or collaborating with your electrical network operator.

ICPs were introduced into the market to improve competition and give customers additional choices when looking for a provider to assist them with electrical work and installations.

As ICPs are independent of the UK’s electricity providers, they can offer competitive pricing for their services.

That means that you could save a significant amount of money by using ICPs for your electrical work while still getting great service and support.

As ICPs aren’t owned or controlled by the electrical network operator, they can offer independent advice. Also, because most ICPs are private companies, they can choose the best products on the market to supply to their clients.

ICP accreditation is bestowed by the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS), which is a UK accreditation scheme.

The scheme is operated by Lloyd’s Register and provides accreditation only to companies that can prove that they have the necessary skills to carry out their work safely and correctly.

So, you can trust that if you choose to work with an ICP, you’ll get the highest possible standard of support at a great price.

You’ll also have the chance to reduce the number of companies you work with on each project. For example, if you work with Clarke EV, you can get your charging infrastructure through us and have it installed by a member of our team.

This approach will reduce the amount of admin you have to undertake when you’re starting a new project and the number of companies you have to deal with and pay.

Is Clarke EV An ICP?

Clarke EV is a subsidiary of Clarke Telecom, who are proud to be an ICP. As such, we can help businesses with every stage of their EV journey. From choosing the right workplace charging solutions through to fleet charging products and even support for new property developments to incorporate the right EV charging points.

Our expertise means that we can carry out a range of services and help with the installation and ongoing maintenance of your workplace charging solutions.

It’s this full-service offering that sets Clarke EV apart from our competitors. From the beginning of your EV exploration to the ongoing task of keeping your equipment working efficiently, we can help with everything. So, if you’re looking for any EV charging solutions, we’re a great choice.

To find out more about our services and insight into the electric vehicle market, check out our regularly updated blog.

On it, we share a wide range of articles and updates so that you can make the most of your collaboration with our team of accredited electric charging experts.

If you want to learn more about our services or start your next electric vehicle charging point project, feel free to contact us.

We’re always keen to hear from potential customers and help them to understand the many benefits of using our cutting-edge EV charging solutions.

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