As an office manager, you have many tasks to complete and duties to fulfil. One of the most important of these is to make sure that your office premises are always fit for purpose and offer your team, and anyone who visits, the best possible experience.

For modern offices, that means having easy access to charging points for electric vehicles. After all, EVs are the future of driving, and more than half of new car buyers now seek an electric vehicle.

So, if your business wants to support the drivers of tomorrow today, then it needs to start thinking about how it can better accommodate EVs at its office sites.

Electric cars need charging and the best option for office car charging is to install EV charging stations in your car parking areas. These solutions are practical, safe, and convenient for staff and visitors alike.

As a specialist in EV charging solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Clarke EV understands the importance of EV charging for offices.

That’s why we’ve created this useful guide to office charging to explain what the term means, what types are available and how you can find the perfect option for your workplace.

What Does Office EV Charging Mean?

EV charging refers to the charging point that an electric car driver would plug their vehicle into to charge it ready for their next journey.

Office charging for EVs is a set of charging points that are installed at an office building to facilitate the charging of EVs for employee cars and guest vehicles.

Why Does Your Company’s Office Need EV Charging Facilities?

Modern offices should explore car charging facilities because EVs are fast becoming a popular mode of transport for many drivers.

Even hybrid cars that use electricity and traditional fuel can be charged at EV charging stations, so these facilities are useful for a range of vehicles.

Having EV charging solutions at your office can allow you to show your visitors and staff that your company is deeply committed to being more environmentally friendly.

It’s also convenient for guests who wouldn’t be able to drive if they didn’t know that they’d have easy access to charging facilities in or around your office.

By offering EV charging facilities, you can boost the number of staff who choose environmentally friendly transport and support visitors who are eco-conscious.

Also, if any of your company’s fleet uses your office and you have electric vehicles as part of this fleet, then you can use EV charging stations to top them up before they head back out.

While it might seem expensive to offer EV charging at your office, particularly with the rising price of electricity, it’s still cost-effective for fleets and office managers who want to future-proof their workspaces.

There are also other ways to offset the costs, such as by offering the charging units to the public for a small fee.

As such, you can rest assured that there are more benefits than downsides to installing EV charging stations at your office.

Some of the many other reasons EV charging is useful for offices include:

  • Improve flexibility and accessibility for visitors with hybrid or all-electric vehicles
  • Highlight your company’s commitment to the environment
  • Give your staff a useful perk by allowing them to charge their car as they work
  • With the right provider, it’s easy to find and manage your EV charging solutions

So, there’s no reason not to explore the options and find the right office charging solutions to suit your business.

What Types Of EV Charging Can An Office Have?

When you first start exploring EV charging for your office, you’ll notice that there are many different types of solutions out there to choose from.

It can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re unsure about what you need and what the different types are for.

Thankfully, if you choose the right office charging provider, then you can get the expert support and advice you need to make an informed decision that benefits your company, staff and visitors.

At Clarke EV, we’re dedicated to offering our corporate clients a wide range of workplace charging solutions, which is why we’re the best source for all the insight you need to make the right decision for your office.

If you have a larger car parking area, we can devise bespoke car park and destination charging solutions tailored to your needs..

If your company’s fleet is based near your offices, then we can also provide you with fleet charging solutions to meet your requirements.

There are several different types and styles of car charging points available. As an agnostic EV infrastructure solutions provider, Clarke EV selects charge points based on your requirements – and always with value, quality and reliability at the forefront.

Our team have extensive experience in the EV charging for office buildings landscape, so they can help you to select the perfect solution that meets your company’s individual needs.

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With our help, you can become a pioneer in the EV revolution and help drive the corporate landscape towards a more sustainable and fulfilling future.

Here’s to a great partnership!

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