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The Clarke story began early in the year 2000.

Clarke Telecom was formed to provide specialist power management services to UK cellular network operators. The company quickly established its reputation and grew substantially for the next few years by expanding the range of services offered to the telecoms networks. Acquisition, Design, Construction, Rigging and Installation, Commissioning and Integration (IC&I) departments were added such that by 2004 Clarke Telecom was able to provide a complete in-house end-to-end service to support network rollout and maintenance projects.

In April 2014, Clarke Telecom was acquired by Renew Holdings PLC. The group provides multidisciplinary services through 11 independently-branded businesses working across four key sectors – Infrastructure, Energy, Environmental, and Rail. A key focus of the group is to share knowledge and learn from one another, as well as successfully partner together to drive added values for our clients. Renew Holdings group revenue in 2023 was £961m. Today Clarke employs over 400 staff throughout the UK across its various divisions and operations.

Our Brands

Communication Networks

The biggest industry success story of the last two decades has been Clarke Telecom’s expansion built on the back of its successful project delivery and willingness to pull out all the stops to help its customers overcome challenges. The business has consistently topped its customers’ performance tables and extended the quality of service already available.

With involvement in every UK cellular network rollout, our experience in installing and maintaining critical mobile telecommunications infrastructure has resulted in a reputation for an exceptional and trusted service. Clarke Telecom is integral to the deployment of 4G and 5G technology by the UK networks.

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EV Infrastructure

Independent Connection Provider (ICP)

Building on the success of the telecoms business, a natural progression was to create Clarke EV in 2019 as this utilises the same skills sets for project management, design, civil engineering, electrical installations and power management.

Electric vehicle charging stations often require a considerable power supply upgrade. Clarke EV is an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) accredited by Lloyds through the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS). With national coverage, our dedicated EV team carry out all stages of the process from concept to delivery which includes surveys, design to install, commissioning and maintenance. In 2023 we installed our first substations for our corporate EV charging customers to support their high capacity charging stations.

Being a customer-focused provider with vast experience working in the electric vehicle charging, we add value to our clients projects by designing robust turnkey solutions.

Our Capabilities

Data Infrastructure

Clarke Connect was launched a division of Clarke in 2023 to bring our expertise from the telecoms infrastructure to data-centric solutions. Our core business activities of acquire, design, construct, install, commission, integrate and maintain are now being delivered to integrated Internet of Things, Private 5G, AI, small cell, data centre and edge computing applications. Utilising the ultra-low latency of 5G networks allows businesses from a variety of industries such as agriculture, ports, healthcare, transportation, and logistics to optimise their operations whilst improving safety and environmental performance. 

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Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance

We define Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) as the integration of our business activities and values, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including clients, suppliers, employees, investors, local and wider community and the environment are reflected in the company’s policies and actions.

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