Clarke EV can offer a full turnkey solution for all of your EV charging needs.

From applying for POC’s, commissioning substations to ultimately installing your charging points for distribution, refuse, transport, bus, light and heavy vehicles.

From design to delivery, we are a turnkey solutions provider.

EVerything taking care of…

Our in-house project teams include electrical designers, civils teams, jointers, commissioning engineers, project managers, senior authorised persons and more. We deliver the entire project through a single point of contact, which makes it easier to manage:

  • Our dedicated EV charger team has considerable experience delivering projects nationwide.
  • Our team manages complete projects, from the initial groundworks through the energisation of the EV charging units to the maintenance afterward.
  • Working closely with the clients’ ‘preferred supplier’ design team and the local District Network Operator (DNO), we provide the most cost-effective and efficient means of installing just a few units or multiple EV chargers at a variety of venues.

Design Process

Our design process will look closely at the end user’s requirements and provide a solution which meets with all of the legislative and engineering requirements as well as integration into the DNO’s local network.

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Planning & Design

Surveys and Feasibility Studies

  • Simultaneous Contract Risk Assessment.
  • Site surveys to determine charger bay and feeder pillars locations.
  • DSEAR/fire risk assessments.
  • Produce site feasibility reports.
  •  Ordering of utility information, safe dig plans.
  • Survey of existing supplies to ascertain maximum demand of site and available capacity for EV chargers to be installed.
  • Installation of site load monitoring equipment (data logger) to ascertain site maximum demand.
  • Determining points of connection.


  • Designers Risk Assessment.
  • Civil design of charger and feeder pillar plinths.
  • Distribution Schematic.
  • EV Charging Layout.
  • Principal designer risk assessment.
  • Feeder pillar design.
  • Bay layout drawings.
  • Lighting designs.
  • Full electrical design and layout for complex electrical infrastructure to suit high voltage installation.
  • Design of all contestable works associated with the connection

Direct Engagement

Early engagement with the DNO/IDNO can help identify whether your proposed location has adequate capacity to meet the charging demand. If there is enough capacity from the existing supply, no network reinforcement will be required. If any reinforcement is needed, it will be your local DNO/IDNO who that will provide this.

Linking you to the grid

When thinking about installing ChargePoints, it is important to think of the process from the energy system perspective – with the DNO/IDNO providing the critical link to an electrical power supply. Any plan to install EV charging infrastructure needs to consider both the charge point hardware installation and necessary grid network reinforcement. We can fully support and deliver this critical part of the process.

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